Gracious is a powerful word

This article, “How to be gracious,” in Esquire reminds me of how much I love this word. Whenever I am feeling stingy or the little voice in my head is coming up with “small-minded” thoughts about someone, I can shake off my selfish and mean-spirited self if the word, “gracious” pops into my head. Then, it’s easy: Who would I rather be: mean-spirited or gracious? And the shift in mindset comes instantly. “Generous” is another powerful word that moves me to a higher order of thinking and being. What words move you to that higher place?


About msvoss

Melinda Voss, MPH, APR, is a freelance writer, editor and public relations specialist. A staff writer for The Des Moines Register and Tribune for nearly 26 years, she has won regional and national awards and taught undergraduate and graduate journalism courses at three universities. In 1999, she earned a master's degree in public health from the University of Minnesota after co-founding the Association of Health Care Journalists in 1997. Voss initially served as the association's unpaid coordinator, then became the executive director from 1999 to 2004. She then became the public relations director for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and served in that position until November 2012. She earned her APR, an accreditation in public relations, in 2011.
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